Virtual Reality - No Travels Stress

A variety of professional occasions require travel to and from abroad. The direct presence on-site is not always necessary. Partially, questions about infrastructures, plants, production and deposits can now also be clarified. In addition to the large area of 3D planning environments, 360 ° technology is increasingly becoming an alternative to the operative business. 360° technology makes it possible to experience spatial experience worlds via the internet for less money. The main focus is the preselection of suppliers, the internal communication of factory processes or the sales presentation of machines / plants in the company environment. Increasingly, the "Transparent Factory" concept also plays a greater role in communicating with the end consumer in quality reasons for example.

The MuMission supports international business initiations over long distances. On request, the virtual factory tours are hosted centrally on the MuPlatform and are available for fast access via the Internet. In addition to publicly accessible areas, inquiries to the company can also be made in protected private areas. This enables both parties (customer / suppliers) to deal with sensitive information more confidently. In addition, further corporate information can be provided, for example to various sites and/or transport infrastructures. Thereby, you can support the shortlisting of different potential suppliers.