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Our Services

  • Optimization of internal and external communication in the industrial environment using 360 ° technology
  • Advice on the selection of relevant spots / panoramas
  • Creation of virtual factory tours for companies, institutes and puclic authorities
  • Individual integration of links, texts and images
  • Provision of factory tours on the Mu platform and/or integration on the corporate website


  1. For each question, you should estimate how many spots/ panoramas you need and where you want to shoot them.
  2. Depending on the light conditions and operating conditions, the recording time should be planned exactly. The involvement of persons has to be clarified in advance by the company. If you wish to annotate detailed information on machines, you should coordinate this on-site.
  3. If the images are desired, the work is carried out on a uniform illumination, since this suburb can not always be ensured. Tour preparation is normally carried out along the material flow in the company.
  4. The acceptance by the Contractor is usually carried out over a secure area of the Mu platform. This also clarifies important questions about publicly accessible and protected private spots / panoramas.